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Can you name the US National Parks by their anagrams?

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Moist eye
Dragon tents
Resolved: too hetero
Do we, Rod?
A heavy local guy
Amnesiac aroma
Linen caps
Woolen style
A streaming, musty nook
Kong is canny
Oust a pendulum again
Lady Cannons
Giant bears
Clean vocal sins
Soda jerk fin
TV Echo Momma
Fitter stagecoach
Crab scalds raven
Stir lasagne well
Nine lands clash
Our saga
Facile trope
Icy algebra
Canny dragon
Heckling a cab: soon not funny
Eager con
I comply
Icy Beans
Girl ace
Suave orgy
Dawn vice
Your manic knot
Scathed acorns
Try road guts
Bland ads
Endangers a stud
Rips thongs
Severed gal
Oily resale
Valid rising suns
Our tin Marine
Rear tackle

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