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Can you name the missing word in each sci-fi movie title?

Quiz Updated Apr 8, 2017

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Movie TitleMissing WordLetter (Year)
Planet of the _____A (1968)
_____ RunnerB (1982)
_____ of MenC (2006)
_____ 9D (2009)
Battlefield _____E (2000)
The _____ ElementF (1997)
Soylent _____G (1973)
The _____ Guide to the GalaxyH (2005)
_____ DayI (1996)
Return of the _____J (1983)
Close Encounters of the Third _____K (1977)
They _____L (1988)
Enemy _____M (1985)
Movie TitleMissing WordLetter (Year)
_____ LunchN (1991)
2001: A Space _____O (1968)
AVP: Alien vs. _____P (2004)
Galaxy _____Q (1999)
Total _____R (1990)
_____ RunningS (1972)
Day of the _____T (1962)
20,000 Leagues _____ the SeaU (1954)
_____ of the DamnedV (1995)
_____ of the WorldsW (1953)
The _____-FilesX (1998)
Escape from New _____Y (1981)
The Dead _____Z (1983)

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