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Tom Hanks 2007; Cruise 2005Wily Congressman Cruise protects his family from alien invaders and arms the Mujahadeen.
Jackie Chan 2004; Cruise 1990On a bet, Cole Trickle and Jackie Chan take just under three months to circumnavigate the globe in Trickle's stock car.
Cruise 1986; John Cusack 1993Brash pool shark and unemployed dockworker Cruise inspires aging hustler Paul Newman to get back in the game when Cruise finds and keeps nearly $1.3M in cash he finds on a Philadelphia street.
Cruise 1981; Javier Bardem 2007Cruise has a bit role, making his big screen debut in this sappy teenage romance starring Brooke Shields and set in post-World War I Colombia.
Cruise 1993; Will Smith 1997Teaming up with Tommy Lee Jones, Lt. Daniel Caffey confronts Jack Nicholson--and then erases his memory--in the climactic scene of this tense sci-fi military courtroom buddy comedy.
Cruise 2008; Sean Connery 1965Cruise plays a small role as film executive in this action comedy where actors portraying soldiers find themselves caught in a real life shooting battle between James Bond and the forces of SPECTRE.
Cruise 1994; Eddie Murphy 1995Based on the Anne Rice novel, vampire Lestat moves to Brooklyn to find a mate.
Robert Duvall 2003; Cruise 2007Republican Senator Cruise moves to Texas to explain his strategy for the Afghanistan War to his eccentric uncles.
Wes Craven dir. 1977; Cruise 1999While traveling by car through the desolate countryside, Nicole Kidman reveals to Cruise that she contemplated adultery. Her admission sets in motion a harrowing evening of sexual discovery, culminating in a cannibalistic hillbilly orgy.
Christian Bale 2008; Cruise 2010Rogue spy Cruise travels to Gotham City where he saves Cameron Diaz from the Joker in this brooding, atmopsheric action comedy blockbuster.
Sylvester Stallone 1987; Cruise 1986Cocky long haul trucker Maverick armwrestles his way through advanced fighter pilot training, earning the respect of his peers and the love of his estranged son.
Dolly Parton 1989; Cruise 1999Cruise has a small but memorable role as a motivational speaker who spends his days in a beauty parlor in the deep South, bonding with his circle of friends and extolling the virtues of his 'Search and Destroy' system of dating.
Gene Kelly 1952; Cruise 1988Cruise picks up an umbrella and dances his way through this Oscar winning musical drama about an actor's 'stormy' relationship with his autistic brother.
Sean Connery 1977; Cruise 1992Young Irishman Cruise flees to America with Nicole Kidman, but not before parachuting into Holland as part of WW II's Operation Market-Garden in this sweeping historical epic.
Judy Garland 1952; Cruise 1989Badly injured Vietnam veteran Cruise moves to Hollywood, where an alcoholic actor becomes his mentor.
Al Pacino 1979; Cruise 1983Forced to defend a client he knows to be guilty, high school football star Cruise tries to escape his dead end steel town, only to tragically melt down in the courtroom.
Cruise 1983; Jimmy Stewart 1946While on a road trip to Mexico an angel helps Cruise lose his virginity and learn the true meaning of Christmas.
Robert De Niro 1986; Cruise 1996Ethan Hunt teams up with Robert De Niro and Jeremy Irons to save a tribe of South American Indians from Hunt's boss and mentor, Jon Voight.
Cruise 2001; Jude Law 2004When New York City is attacked by giant robots, successful publisher Cruise boards a futuristic zeppelin, only to have a horrible accident and see his life go totally downhill from there.
Anthony Anderson 2003; Cruise 2012Ex-Army Investigator Cruise opens a can of whoop-ass on a kangaroo who runs away with $50,000 of mob money.
Jack Black 2003; Cruise 2012Substitute teacher Black inspires his elementary school kids to follow their dreams to L.A., where they meet up with glam-rocker Cruise.

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