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Connery (1962)/Tommy Lee Jones (2007)Violence and mayhem ensue after Bond stumbles upon a drug deal gone wrong and more than two million dollars in cash near the Rio Grande when investigating the disappearance of a colleague and the disruption of the American space program.
Connery (1963)/Alan Rickman (2003)Follows the lives of eight very different couples in dealing with an asassination plot involving a naive Russian beauty in various loosely interrelated tales all set during a frantic month before Christmas in London, England.
Matthew McConaughey (2008)/Connery (1964)When James Bond uncovers a plot to contaminate the Fort Knox gold reserve, he unearths a new clue to the whereabouts of a lost treasure that rekindles romance with his wife.
Tom Cruise (1990)/Connery (1965)James Bond heads to The Bahamas to recover two nuclear warheads stolen by SPECTRE, where he goes undercover as a young hot-shot stock car driver looking for his chance to compete at the top level.
Heath Ledger (1999)/Connery (1967)Adapted from Shakespeare's 'The Taming of the Shrew,' Bond and the Japanese secret service ninja force must find and stop the true culprit of a series of spacejackings before nuclear war is provoked.
Leonardo DiCaprio (2006)/Connery (1971)A diamond smuggling investigation leads James Bond to Sierra Leone, where he joins forces with a fisherman.
Moore (1973)/Brosnan (2001)007 is sent to stop a diabolically brilliant heroin magnate armed with a complex organization and a reliable psychic tarot card reader and winds up uncovering a connection between a North Korean terrorist and a diamond mogul who is funding the development of an international space weapon.
Moore (1977)/Jim Carrey (2000)James Bond, A nice-guy cop with dissociative identity disorder, must protect a woman on the run while he investigates the hijacking of British and Russian submarines carrying nuclear warheads.
Ryan O'Neal (1973)/Moore (1979)During the Great Depression, Bond finds himself saddled with a young girl who may or may not be his daughter, and the two forge an unlikely partnership as they investigate the mid-air theft of a space shuttle and discover a plot to commit global genocide.
Moore (1981)/Tilda Swinton (2013)Vampire musician Bond travels to Detroit to reunite with his former lover and is assigned to hunt for a lost British encryption device and prevent it from falling into enemy hands.
Maggie Smith (1985)/Moore (1985)In Edwardian times, Bond travels to Florence, where he meets an enigmatic young man. Upon his return to England, he must decide whether to follow through with marriage plans or prevent a mad industrialist from creating a worldwide microchip monopoly by destroying California's Silicon Valley.
Dalton (1989)/Uma Thurman (2003)James Bond awakens from a four year coma and goes rogue, intent on unleashing vengeance on the assassin team of which he was formerly a part.
Brosnan (1995)/Helen Mirren (2016)James Bond teams up with the lone survivor of a destroyed Russian research center to stop the hijacking of a nuclear space weapon, but sees his mission escalate when a girl enters the kill zone and triggers an international dispute over the implications of drone warfare.
Tom Cruise (2014)/Brosnan (1997)Bond relives the same day over and over again in his attempt to stop a media mogul's plan to induce war between China and the UK.
Russell Crowe (2003)/Brosnan (1999)During the Napoleonic Wars, a brash British captain pushes his ship and crew to their limits in pursuit of an international terrorist who can't feel pain.
Tom Cruise (2001)/Craig (2012)Bond, a self-indulgent and vain publishing magnate, finds his privileged life upended after a vehicular accident with a resentful lover tests his relationship with M.

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