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Can you name the 100 Best Sci-Fi Movies according to Timeout?

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1968Keir Dullea
1982Harrison Ford
1979Sigourney Weaver
1977Richard Dreyfuss
1986Sigourney Weaver
1977Mark Hamill
1985Jonathan Pryce
1927Brigitte Helm
1984Arnold Schwarzenegger
1980Mark Hamill
1982Henry Thomas
1982Kurt Russell
1999Keanu Reeves
2009Sam Rockwell
1979Aleksandr Kaydanovskiy
1991Arnold Schwarzenegger
1972Natalya Bondarchuk
2006Clive Owen
1986Jeff Goldblum
1956Anne Francis
1985Michael J. Fox
2004Jim Carrey
2001Haley Joel Osment
1995Bruce Willis
1987Peter Weller
1956Kevin McCarthy
1971Malcolm McDowell
1962Étienne Becker
1968Charlton Heston
1993Jeff Goldblum
1951Michael Rennie
1997Ethan Hawke
1972Bruce Dern
1999Tim Allen
1976David Bowie
2010Leonardo DiCaprio
2004Shane Carruth
1978Donald Sutherland
1974Dan O'Bannon
2008Ben Burtt (voice)
1988Roddy Piper
1997Bruce Willis
1990Arnold Schwarzenegger
1982William Shatner
2009Sharlto Copley
2013Joaquin Phoenix
1997Jodie Foster
1984Bill Murray
1997Denise Richards
2013Scarlett Johansson
1973Eric Baugin (voice)
1987Arnold Schwarzenegger
1988Mitsuo Iwata
1973Charlton Heston
1984Emilio Estevez
1960Rod Taylor
1984Kyle MacLachlan
2001Jake Gyllenhaal
2013Sandra Bullock
1968Andrew Keir
1982Mel Gibson
1998Kiefer Sutherland
1968Claude Rich
1973Woody Allen
1953Gene Barry
1989Ed Harris
1951Margaret Sheridan
1973Yul Brynner
1976Michael York
2008Robert Downey, Jr.
2006Christian Bale
1966Rock Hudson
2001Cory McAbee
1980Max von Sydow
1983Mark Hamill
1998Jim Carrey
2009Sam Worthington
1973Klaus Löwitsch
1995Atsuko Tanaka (voice)
2009Chris Pine
1999Vin Diesel (voice)
2013Idris Elba
1936Raymond Massey
1931Boris Karloff
1971Arthur Hill
1968Jane Fonda
1963Oliver Reed
2002Tom Cruise
1966Raquel Welch
1984Peter Weller
2011John Boyega
2002George Clooney
1971Robert Duvall
1965Eddie Constantine
2005Nathan Fillion
2000Vin Diesel
1978Christoper Reeve
1984Roy Scheider
1994Irène Jacob
1996Will Smith

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