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Examples include sledge, claw, and ball peenAriel was a famous 'Little' one
Theme park in Sandusky, Ohio, featuring the Millennium ForceSituation in which it is impossible to turn back
Common disarming spell in the Harry Potter seriesAthos, Porthos, or Aramis
33rd president of the United StatesAuthor of 'In Cold Blood' and 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'
Band whose albums include 'Hybrid Theory' and 'Meteora'Second most expensive property on the 'Monopoly' board
Leader of the slaves in the Third Servile WarWhen frozen, a treat very similar to ice cream
Major battle site in Tolkien's 'The Two Towers'Band whose hits include 'Hush' and 'Smoke on the Water'
Kind of milk containing no cholesterol or lactoseVice president Walter
Frontierswoman and acquaintance of Wild Bill HickokThird wife of Henry VIII
Song by Lady Gaga that includes the lyrics 'There ain't a reason you and me should be alone tonight'Colloquial term for one's time in high school
One who can read another's mindThe study and diagnosis of disease
Improvisational comedy show consisting of four comediansOpening track of Journey's album, 'Departure'
Territory located between Spain and MoroccoA person from the first planet you visit in 'Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic'
Show with main characters Sookie, Bill, Eric, and TaraDuring each heartbeat, it varies between a maximum (systolic) and a minimum (diastolic)
Any aircraft carrying the president of the United States1962 novel narrated by Chief Bromden
Huge 'Mount' located in north-eastern TanzaniaExamples could be dead squirrels, deer, or opossums
Pouched fruit drink that comes in Strawberry Kiwi, Splash Cooler, and Tropical Punch varietiesAmerican daily newspaper published in Chicago
Capital of Slovenia1997 American animated musical film starring Meg Ryan
Its signature product is the WhopperKing of Great Britain during the American Revolution
1995 novel featuring birth in a Wal-Mart1940 novel by American author Carson McCullers

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