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Can you name the soccer teams by their negative urban dictionary definition?

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A **** full of money team, in which there are variety of actors who might actually win an oscar sooner than Leo Di Caprio.La Liga
the most annoying and overrated soccer club with some of the most annoying, ignorant fans on the face of the earthLa Liga
Association of thiefs as seen recently in the newspapers. They've stolen the last few football titles and now deservedly they will be relegated to the third division. Serie A
The laughing stock of Europe ... a football team with hardly any past and certainly no present or future. Has become synonomous with ridicule or failureSerie A
Epic fail.Serie A
an italian football team whose fans a **** up, cock sucking, neo nazi racist pricks. Serie A
The Italian word for '****'.Serie A
The football club in Manchester that West Ham fans support.Premier League
A T-shirt and merchandising team, also plays football but to a lesser extent Premier League
Proof that money can buy you anything, including the Premiership title, provided you have enough of it to throw around.Premier League
To start off with promise and excellence but descend into failure Premier League
North London wannabes who will never be. So you beat a bunch of kids and won a crappy cup big deal. Also known as the Yids see (****)(sewer)(gay)(tarts)(wannabe)(sad) Premier League
A club with very little success, fans of (team) tend to insult other clubs rather than attempt to compliment their own.Premier League
Trash team from England Premier League
Scottish football team; their fans are/wish they were Irish, hence the numerous Irish Republic flags dotted around the stadium on match day and the pro-IRA songs sung on match dayScottish Premier League
A Scottish football club from Glasgow; The team calls itself Scottish but is very much against Scottish independence, preferring British rule as opposed to freedomScottish Premier League
(Team) is the name of the most hated football club in the netherlands. They are from collaborratorville aka Amsterdam. They collaborated with the Nazis.Eredivisie
Turkish insult defined to describe poor homosexual bitches, commonly known for being (****) wife/bitch.Süper Lig
The way to say '****' in portuguese.Liga NOS

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