Just For Fun Quiz / Medieval Madness Logic Puzzle II - The Graveyard

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You've made it through the Village - now pass through the Graveyard and open the Castle Gate! Read the rules for an explanation of how to play.

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Fence 1

Fence 2

Church Gate
Church Gate

A sign hung from the gate reads 'NONE SHALL PASS WITHOUT THE SACRED WORD'.
Fence 3

Fence 4

Graveyard Row 1, Column 1

Graveyard Row 1, Column 2

Gleaves Tomb
Graveyard Row 1, Column 3

Gravel Path
Graveyard Row 1, Column 4

Tool Shed
Graveyard Row 1, Column 5

Potter's Ground
Graveyard Row 2, Column 1

Graveyard Row 2, Column 2

Grassy Hill
Graveyard Row 2, Column 3

Winding Path
Graveyard Row 2, Column 4

Snaking Path
Graveyard Row 2, Column 5

Graveyard Row 3, Column 1

Burial Mound
Graveyard Row 3, Column 2

Alpert Tomb
Graveyard Row 3, Column 3

Graveyard Row 3, Column 4

Overgrown Path
Graveyard Row 3, Column 5

Gomber Tomb
Graveyard Row 4, Column 1

Sallow Earth
Graveyard Row 4, Column 2

Hanging Tree
Graveyard Row 4, Column 3

Desecrated Grave
Graveyard Row 4, Column 4

Brambled Path
Graveyard Row 4, Column 5

Darkened Path
Graveyard Row 5, Column 1

Graveyard Row 5, Column 2

Mossy Woodland
Graveyard Row 5, Column 3

Graveyard Row 5, Column 4

Graveyard Row 5, Column 5

Skaro Tomb
Castle Wall 1

Castle Wall
Castle Wall 2

Castle Wall
Castle Gate

An ancient knight guards the gate. 'What is the secret password?' he asks gruffly, his hand on his sword.
Castle Wall 3

Castle Wall
Castle Wall 4

Castle Wall

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