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QUIZ: Do you have the deductive skills of DCI Morse? It will take all of your faculties (and perhaps a pint of Real Ale) to complete this dastardly Morse-themed ladder!

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The Suspect Left a Clue!Your Deduction?
• The Christian name of Morse's creator •
Between cecum and rectum
A wise litigator, after the Greek
• Arias, in Morse's music of choice •
Large Phillipine machete-like knives
Abbreviated town names in New England
Ballpoint pens
• What Morse has taken to watching in the finale •
Tricky situations to get in
Occurrences which stop a hose from flowing
• This sort of 'rumpy-pumpy' disturbs Lewis •
Brain's companion
Fox-hunting coat
• Lewis paid the price for Morse's •
Shorthand for Hampshire
Virus generally transmitted by rodents
Generally not a death ray
Protruberance at the bottom of an orchid
* A club which would likely welcome Morse •
Images and sounds, e.g.
Sound mental capacity
Future, e.g.
The Suspect Left a Clue!Your Deduction?
A wreath
* Endeavour's surname •
Body, to an antiquarian
Cartainly not a blessing
Feature of a bell
A valid description of Bettie Page
Vindaloo, e.g.
• Episode: 'Who Killed _____ Field?' •
____ Letts, pivotal Doctor Who producer
Off one's nut
Pleasantly warm
Like a beach in Hawaii
Bell's is hemispheric
* Very nearly Morse, in 'Masonic Mysteries' •
Not a nice way to refer to a homosexual
Generally found in pairs
A rap on the hand with a switch, in Scotland
• Morse's affect around the right women •
Boundaries or monetary units
Tears apart human flesh, e.g.
A tubular organ
A consonant pronounced with weak muscular force
• Robbie's surname •

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