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The censors have taken over Sporcle! Can you solve this heavily redacted Word Ladder in time?

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1) Each step in a Word Ladder
2) Something which closes a cask
3) A smoke filtration device
4) It can be thrown, preferably to me
5) Ice cream holder
6) Definitely not pros
7) Pigeon sounds
8) Mammal with a striped tail, briefly
9) Minnesota's State Bird
10) A premium cut of meat
11) To make one from two
12) St. ____ the Divine, author of 'Revelation'
13) Crawford or Collins
14) A cry of pain
15) An average synonym
16) Archaic form of 'meadow'
17) The foam on top of a mug of root beer
18) Follow or obey
19) S____ is not the same as acceleration
20) Multiple British pennies
21) Goldfish and ferrets
22) Troughton and Sajak
23) Animal hands and feet
24) Cavernous openings
25) The amount of matter in an object

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