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Help the Doctor find his TARDIS and save the day with this challenging Word Ladder! Please read the game notes for instructions.

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•• The exterminator who's stolen the TARDIS! ••
Open valleys, in Scotland or the North
Leaf cabbages popular with the healthy crowd
•• #1, originally ••
Formed hay into useful shapes
Sparse in the pate
Not lacking in courage
What a crossbow fires
•• K-9, for short ••
___s and bobs
The egg of a common louse
•• The Brig's outfit ••
Come together, right now
Remove from bondage
Gets rid of a pre-existing knot
The Malay Archipelago, e.g.
•• It's bigger on the ______! ••
Where a footballer should be
An inspection not done remotely
•• William Hartnell ••
A toreador's battle cry
You might want a pint after this challenge
Neighbor of CTRL
Well, it's definitely not a hard science
•• The ___ In Space ••
•• ____ Water ••
If you've gotten this far, you're likely this
•• Tomek ____, actor from 'The Curse of Fenric' ••
A strong lager
•• Horror of Fang ____ ••
Half of a clock's stereotypical noise
Obtained something previously not in posession
As well
•• Patrick Troughton ••
Uncle, en español
Hanging from the neck
Country club item
Where a dog might pee
•• Jon Pertwee ••
Antiquarian anaesthesia
One or the other of two nouns
More lean, supple, and graceful
To discard rubbish improperly
The second of two
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Some of it is dark
•• Infamous Time Lord ••
Potato pulverizer
Hebrew patriarch, son of Jacob and Zilpah
Wedding helper
More verdant
BBC cop drama
Superman baddie
Where much of the Dark Net lives
Often preceeds 'Blimey'
Scottish version of 'crouch in fear'
•• Tom Baker ••
Lemonade without sugar
Some are ethnic
Something fired from a Derringer, perhaps
A promiscuous woman, slangily
Part of a Venetian blind
What some believe the Earth to be
An arbitrary decree
Douglas, e.g.
Don't go shouting it at the matinee
•• Peter Davison ••
An exclamation of disgust
To go quickly
Masculine pronoun
•• Colin Baker ••
The 1996 movie, IMHO
They can be low down & dirty
'That was a close ______'
Razor, e.g.
One who is frugal, perhaps
Cut off
•• Sylvester McCoy ••
Owing no debts, with Steven
First name of a famous daredevil
Celebrate; rejoice
•• Target of the Timelash ••
You might have one if you have a rod
Something time travel isn't
Currently Iranian currency
•• '____ of a Time Lord' ••
They are often paired with tribulations
Chinese Mafia sects
•• #1 is always trying to steal it... ••

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