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Can you use the clues to name the 5-letter rungs in this word ladder to reveal all of the Buffy-related answers?

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Clue5-Letter Rung
• Mister Pointy, eg •
Make the fire burn brighter
You can put baseball cards in 'em to trick out your bike
• Captain Peroxide •
Architectural apex, actually
You may get ribbed for bowling one
• The soul, to Spike •
Dr. Horrible jams one into his leg
A liberal doctor or a fictional alien
A medieval device for humiliation
They grew on trees, once
Bernie Madoff sure was
A coward's means of making a stealthy exit
• Jonathan and Andrew wind up here •
A dent in one's armor
If you're a clever person, you may frequent have a...
If you're not clever, you may well be...
• A vampire with panache •
After-school activity, for some
To extract natural gas hydraulically
Clue5-Letter Rung
Might be worn out to a party
One made Of Seagulls may have terrible hair
A place one might find some new kids
United groups
• Often exchanged by Buffy and Spike •
Rorschach staples
Better than having cats strapped to one's feet
• Giles is often seen fethisizing them •
A more American way of saying 'shags'
The Thames has them
A more American way of saying 'shags'
• Spike and Angel have them •
Stereotypical gear for an Aussie, briefly
Like the Alps
An adjective often incurred by curs
• Doublemeat Palace manager •
Alexander's sister, qua Bergman
Quite unlike a myocardial infarction
Bad eggs might turn out this way
• Target of Anya's phobia •

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