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What is the name of Tom Robinson's wife?
What childhood movie is this quote from' There's a snake in my boot'
Who eventually won in 'The Most Dangerous Game'
What do the two S's stand for in SOAPStone
What king of figurative language is 'BANG'
Who was a mean old lady in TKAM
What is an appeal to logic
Who won the 2016 World Series
Who is Yeezus
Who is the President of the US(2016)
What song is 'Turn my birthday into a lifestyle' from
What company uses 'Louisiana Fast'
'Snap, Crackle, __________'
Atticus Finch's profession
Best player in the Spanish La Liga
Where do the Wizards and The Capitols play
What is the brand with the three stripes
Sprite paid who to make a 'Cold like its Sprite Soda' commercial
Who is the designer of the OVO brand
Appeal to emotion
What shoe brand uses 'Off The Wall'
If a man is riding a white horse and wearing orange, blue, yellow, green, purple, black, and brown, WHAT COLOR IS THE HORSE
Worst team in the NFL
What brand does Steph Curry promote
How many letters are in the alphabet
What did Scout dress as in the Halloween pageant
Which arm was Tom Robinson missing
What sport did Jem want to play
What is a comparison using like or as
A phrase that combines two words with opposite meanings
What does the O in SOAPStone stand for
What is a statment containing more than one meaning called

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