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Can you guess the two word phrase from the two seemingly unrelated definitions?

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Definitions2-Word Answer
Capital of Washington | Democratic US Presidential Candidate
Bison | They have to be paid
Peaceful | Top of a glass
Not tragedy | In the middle
Skeletal component | Asian nation
It corrupts | A type of television distibution
Capital of Nebraska | US 'day' that's the last Monday in May
Avoid | It goes under a plate
The final frontier | part of a loom
McDonalds, KFC et al. | Crips, Bloods et al.
The old name for Beijing | To lower one's head
Greek | E = mc^2, for example
The child of Kanye and Kim | Ms. Fanning
Unusual or exceptional | DC street for lobbyists
Geological period | Disgraced President of South Korea
Definitions2-Word Answer
Two cubed | A formal dance
Thai, in the old days | Minnesota ball club
1988 Tom Hanks film | Gwyneth's daughter
12th US President | Quick, rapid, fast
Rose-colored | MacOS X v. 10.3 code name
English dog breed | '90s TV drama with Sela Ward and Julianne Philips
Rooney or Rourke | Computer pointing device
Archangel | River that feeds the Dead Sea
It starts March 21st | Dihydrogen monoxide
Defunct Chrysler division | KISS wants to do it all night
Glucose or fructose | Motorless airplane
From Strasbourg or Toulouse | Not sexually adventurous
He was the First in England, the Sixth in Scotland | Covalent or ionic
Two pieces of bread and a filling | 'Empire' character
A British overseas territory | Movies of less than 40 minutes

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