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A person from Denmark
To stun or confuse
The predominant architectural feature of the US Capitol
A piece of information that is indisputable
To cover in a thin layer of gold
The opposite of both 'soft' and 'easy'
The shortest-reigned English monarch
A music genre born in New Orleans
Liza's mother
A month containing an equinox
The irregular past participle of 'lie'
What the British call an elevator
A type of shoe, or a beast of burden
Pleasant, or of high quality
The largest number that fits this category
To do exactly as instructed
The inside of an orange peel
Meat from a pig
An entry on Facebook
What you're taking right now
Five hundred sheets of paper
Sodium chloride
A type of knot, or, a ladies' undergarment
To engage in a practice fight
A US news magazine
It borders Benin
To change direction
The interrogative pronoun for an unknown object
Minnesota's NHL team
Three feet

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