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Can you name the facts about Sheldon Cooper from 'The Big Bang Theory'?

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This is Sheldon Cooper's job
State Sheldon is from
Sheldon's IQ
Sheldon's grandmother's nickname for him
The name of Sheldon's old cat (Sheldon doesn't see the irony)
One of Sheldon's arch enemies
This is the new version of 'Rock Paper Scissors' Sheldon creates
If given enough start-up capital an adequate research facility, Sheldon could be this
Why Sheldon broke into Penny's apartment
Sheldon watches this show every Saturday morning
This is how Sheldon knows he's not in the Matrix
Howard's theory on how Sheldon reproduces
This is the pet Sheldon wanted
Sheldon's team name in the Physics Bowl
Sheldon's 'Age of Conan' character
Sheldon dressed up as this for Halloween
What Sheldon did to get flown to the hospital by helicopter during his childhood
What Sheldon put on his flyer when he was looking for a roommate
One of the people Sheldon has a restraining order from
Sheldon Cooper was kissed on the lips by this woman

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