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Can you name the staff of Bullworth Academy?

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'And boy, remember, you will have a clean nose, so keep it clean, or we'll clean it for you' 
'Your attention please, selling fireworks on school grounds is prohibited and probably constitutes terrorism' 
Gym Teacher/Football Coach
'Ah, dodgeball! How I love the sound of boys crying in the morning' 
'Is it time to change my hair? It's been 30 years' 
'The only person who is allowed a weapon on campus is me, and I use it to make dinner' 
English Teacher
'English is a... a difficult subject to teach' 
Math Teacher
'Corporal punishment, yes. But when will they allow capital punishment in our schools again?' 
Janitor/School Clothing Shop
'Yes Dr. Crabblesnitch, of course Dr. Crabblesnitch, good thing you don't know what I'm up to Dr. Crabblesnitch...' 
Geography Teacher
Exclusive to Scholarship Edition 
School Nurse
''Life is suffering. Then you die.' 
Shop Teacher
'You kids don't know how ignorant you are! There's so many schemes and plans within plans... anyways, shut up and get to work' 
Girls Dorm Hall Monitor
'I've been known to punish boys unfairly...' 
Music Teacher
Exclusive to Scholarship Edition 
Art and Photography Teacher
'There's the pearl necklace...I still remember the first one I got' 
Biology Teacher
'There are two sides to biology, boy. LIFE... and death.' 
Chemistry Teacher
'If I have children, I'll name them after the periodic elements. Easier to remember them.' 
History Teacher
'Is that your John Hancock impersonation, Mr. Hopkins?' 

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