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Which county do Rick and Shane reside in before the apocalypse?
What does Andrea get Amy for her birthday?
What is Rick's reply when Merle asks him who he is for the first time?
Who decides not to go to the CDC with the rest of the survivors?
What was Dale's wife's name?
What does the tattoo on Shane's chest say?
What was Hershel's profession before the apocalypse?
What antibiotic does Daryl give to Dale in order to help T-Dog?
How many bullet fragments does Hershel remove from Carl's abdomen?
What does the emblem on the side of Merle's motorcycle say?
What type of flower does Daryl bring Carol?
What is Michonne's weapon of choice?
What are the names of the prisoners the group encounters?
What is the Governor's daughter's name?
What is the Governor's assistant's name?
Which two members of the prison does the Governor capture?
Where does Eugene claim he used to work?
What was the name of Abraham's wife who left him?
What do Daryl and Beth drink when they find the cabin in the woods?
What does Carol tell Lizzie before she puts her down?
What message does Carl leave on the bedroom door of an abandoned house after he narrowly escapes a walker?
What candy bar do Michonne and Carl share?
What drug does Dr. Edwards instruct Beth to give Gavin Trevitt that kills him?
What is the name of the officer that Rick hits with a car?
What is the title of the season 5 midseason finale?
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