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What is Piper's brother's name?
What was Suzanne's (Crazy Eyes) nickname for Piper?
Which inmate was Alex convinced was stalking her?
What is Gloria Mendoza's son's name?
What was Sophia Burset's occupation before transitioning to a woman?
What is Piper's ex fiance's name?
What item did Piper and some of the other inmates smuggle out of the prison in order to make money?
What evasive creature does Red want to capture so she can cook it?
What religion are the inmates posing as to get better food in the cafeteria?
Which inmate's father was in the military and stationed in Germany?
Which inmate was arrested after stealing a taxi cab?
Who did Rosa run over with the stolen prison van?
Who did some of the inmates begin worshipping because she seemed to be able to perform miracles?
Which inmate got a brand new set of teeth after being beat up?
Who was left in charge of the kitchen after Red was removed?
Who strong armed Piper into paying the other inmates for wearing panties for her illegal business?
Who did Piper start cheating on Alex with in Season 3?
Why did Nicky get removed from general population and sent 'down the road'?
What did Stella tattoo on Piper's forearm?
What prison drink is Poussey famous for making?
What did Cindy, Taystee, and Janae steal from the garden that infuriated Red?
What is the name of the drug dealer that Alex and Piper worked for?
What is Red's real name?
Which fictional character from Suzanne's story she writes is based on CO Donaldson?
Which language is Healy trying to learn so that he can communicate better with his wife?

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