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Can you name the films scored by James Horner?

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1980Jimmy T. Murakami
1980Barbara Peeters
1981Roger Spottiswoode
1981Michael Wadleigh
1981Oliver Stone
1981Wes Craven
1982Nicholas Meyer
1982Walter Hill
1983Jack Clayton
1983Peter Yates
1983Douglas Trumbull
1983Ted Kotcheff
1983Lynne Littman
1983Michael Apted
1983Peter Yates
1984Christopher Cain
1984Leonard Nimoy
1985Michael Dinner
1985Ron Howard
1985Mark L. Lester
1985Nicholas Meyer
1985Jeremy Kagan
1986James Cameron
1986Don Bluth
1986Christopher Cain
1986Michael Dinner
1986Jean-Jacques Annaud
1987Matthew Robbins
1987Jonathan Kaplan
1987Lou Lombardo
1988Ron Howard
1988Walter Hill
1988Daniel Petrie
1988Ken Kwapis
1988Don Bluth
1989Joe Johnston
1989Norman Jewison
1989Edward Zwick
1989Phil Alden Robinson
1989Gary David Goldberg
1990Walter Hill
1990Lawrence Kasdan
1991Michael Apted
1991Joe Johnston
1991Lasse Hallstrom
1991Phil Nibbelink; Simon Wells
1992Phillip Noyce
1992Jonathan Kaplan
1992Phil Alden Robinson
1992Michael Apted
1993Mikael Salomon
1993Alan J. Pakula
1993Nibbelink; Wells; Dick & Ralph Zondag
1993Thomas Carter
1993Steven Zaillian
1993Charles Grosvenor
1993Mel Gibson
1993Marshall Herskovitz
1993Michael Lessac
1993Morgan Freeman
1994Phillip Noyce
1994Joe Johnston; Pixote Hunt
1994Edward Zwick
1995Mel Gibson
1995Brad Silberling
1995Ron Howard
1995Joe Johnston
1995Simon Wells
1995William Friedkin
1996Lee David Zlotoff
1996Edward Zwick
1996Michael Pressman
1996Ron Howard
1997Alan J. Pakula
1997James Cameron
1998Mimi Leder
1998Martin Campbell
1998Ron Underwood
1999Chris Columbus
2000Wolfgang Petersen
2000Ron Howard
2001Jean-Jacques Annaud
2001Richard Eyre
2001Ron Howard
2002John Woo
2002Shekhar Kapur
2003Mike Tollin
2003Martin Campbell
2003Ron Howard
2003Vadim Perelman
2004Rowdy Herrington
2004Wolfgang Petersen
2004Joseph Rubin
2005Arie Posin
2005Robert Schwentke
2005Martin Campbell
2005Terrence Malick
2006Steven Zaillian
2006Mel Gibson
2007Vadim Perelman
2008Mark Waters
2008Mark Herman
2009James Cameron

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