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Can you name the once upon a time characters? (as of season 3 episode 6)

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David Nolan 
Mary Margaret 
'The Savior'  
'The Truest Believer' 
Evil Queen 
The Huntsman 
'The Dark One' 
Red Riding Hood 
A love of both Hook and Rumpelstiltskin 
The one who can see through and love the monster that is Rumplestiltskin 
Captain _______ 
The boy who never grew up 
Mother Superior 
Sleeping Beauty 
Warrior Princess 
'The Stable Boy' 
The Queen of Hearts 
The Mad Hatter 
The most famous fairy 
Dr. Frankenstein 
'The Prince of Thieves' 
Owner of the bed and breakfast 
Ruby's true love 
Loved by both Aurora and Mulan 
Cinderella's true love 
Regina's 'friend' 
Got his PhD from a curse 
Wanted to get rid of magic 
Peter Pan's right hand man 
Baelfire's temporary 'sister'  
crew member on The Jolly Roger 
turned into a rose by Rumplestiltskin 
Jame's 'true love' who he abandons  
Magic Mirror....Gus on Breaking Bad 
One time resident of Storybrooke trying to find his dad 
Regina's father and _____ 's namesake 
Lost Boy who gets his hurt ripped out by Regina 
Wants to be where the people are 
In love with Ariel 
A 'myth' (in the episode 'Ariel') 
What brings children to neverland (Peter Pan's _______) 
Former captain of what now is the Jolly Roger, brother of Hook 
Robin Hood's son 
Robin Hood's deceased wife 
Snow White's friend, Cora has taken the form of him 
Predicts the future 
Killed by Tamara, visited by August (The _______) 
Deceased werewolf friend of Red 
Prince Henry's father, Cora's father in law 
Snow White's father and Regina's husband (enchanted forest era) 
Charming's mother 
Snow White's mother 
Eva and Snow White's maid, also a friend of the two 
_________ and Gretel 
Hansel and ________ 
Charming's 'Father' 
Turns everything he touches to gold 
Married to 'Charming' during the curse 
Abigail's true love, stuck in a gold state 
Baelfire's only childhood (pre-Wendy) friend 
Red's Mother 

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