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What is Kokorowatari?
Who kicked a hole through Araragi?
Which entry in the Monogatari Series comes fourth chronologically?
Upon meeting Araragi, how many years has Mayoi already been dead for?
Which character had the longest arc?
Shinobu Mail happens concurrently with which other arc?
What is Nadeko's secret hobby?
What is the pen name of the author of Monogatari Series' source material?
Who beat Araragi in a duel towards the end of Nisemonogatari?
According to Araragi, who is the only person he's ever seen Shinobu lose a fight against?
Orange Mint is the opening theme to which arc?
As of April 2017 and not including Kizumonogatari or Koyomimonogatari, how many arcs have been adapted into anime?
Who does Araragi say this to? 'Senjougahara is my girlfriend, and I love Hanekawa, but you're the one I'm going to marry.'
What job do Ararargi's parents have?
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How many servants before Araragi did Shinobu ever have?
As of April 2017, how many characters have only 1 arc?
What does Ararargi use to defeat Seishirou in his fight against him in Shinobu Mail?
Which character is related to Izuko Gaen?
In which arc does Senjougahara confess to Araragi?
What does Hanekawa plan to do after graduating?
Which arc is the first to be told out of chronological order of the other arcs so far?
How many characters are present in the Suruga Devil arc?
How is the abandoned cram school destroyed?
Who is the mysterious darkness from Shinobu Time chasing after?
How many characters who feature in (and survived the events of) Kizumonogatari have yet to star in any other entrance in the series, as of April 2017?
Who killed Tadatsuru Teori?
Who does Izuko Gaen have help her deal with the appearance of Seishiro in Shinobu Mail?

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