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Forced Order
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In what year does Serah first meet Noel?
What is the downgraded form of Royal Ripeness called?
How many different colors of Miniflan are found in Sunleth Waterscape 400 AF?
What Cie'th, originally a mission mark from XIII, returns as an out-of-the-way optional encounter in Academia 400 AF?
What are the first two monsters our heroes catch in Bresha Ruins 005 AF?
How many varieties of Potcat are there?
What region are you visiting if the year is 110 AF?
Which color of Chocobo is not featured in adornments?
What combat role do most Stalker class monsters play?
What passive ability can only be infused from Chichu or Nanochu?
What monster crystal is found in a place and time where no monsters are fought?
How many tameable monsters cannot be staggered?
Who does Captain Cryptic closely resemble?
Who betrays Serah because of self-preservation by giving her a rigged artefact?
In what year does Serah and Noel's adventure come to its end?

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