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Can you name the capital anagrams of asia?

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 also in europe
 ex USSR
 the biggest stan
 above 12.
 boarders 11. and 12.
 ex USSR
 ex USSR
 the lowest stan
 another stan
 boarders 3.
 massive country
 only boarders 5.
 famous islands
 boarders europe
 wars against 31.
 in gulf wars
 war against 15.
 boarders 18.
 surrounded by 34.
 also known as burma
 viet kong
 known as republic of 11.
 boarders 31.
 also boarders 31.
 same capital as country
 also surrounded by 34.
 known before as east 19.
 above 36.
 very small, boarders 37.
 hinduism, sikhism, buddhism
 below 11.
 below 29.
 the saud family
 very small, boarders 37.
 boarders 42. and 37.
 island below 34.
 in 46.
 boarders 39. and 37.
 islands left of 34.
 islands above 46.
 use to be brittish
 boarders oceania
 in 46.

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