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Can you name the longest rivers in North America?

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2,341 mi/3,768 kmcentral United States
2,202 mi/3,544 kmcentral United States
1,979 mi/3,185 kmAlaska, northern Canada
1,759 mi/2,830 kmborder of United States and Mexico
1,450 mi/2,330 kmnorthwest Mexico, western United States
1,443 mi/2,322 kmsouth-central United States
1,360 mi/2,189 kmsouth-central United States
1,243 mi/2,000 kmPacific Northwest
1,205 mi/1,939 kmcentral-west Canada
1.078 mi/1,735 kmnorthern Canada
1,040 mi/1,674 kmPacific Northwest
1,000 mi/1,609 kmcentral Canada
981 mi/1,579 kmMidwest
906 mi/1,458 kmsouthwestern United States
862 mi/1,387 kmTexas
850 mi/1,370 kmBritish Columbia
840 mi/1,352 kmTexas
800 mi/1,271 kmcentral Canada
790 mi/1,271 kmeastern Canada
765 mi/1,231 kmwestern Canada

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