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_____: A secretive country where religion and free speech are opressed and the people live in abject poverty. Also willing to develop WMDs.
_____: poorest country in the world, sitting in a very rural and rugged part of africa.
_____: Country in South America located between Argentina and Brazil
_____: a country where you can get penalised for virtually anything,even chewing gums.
_____: former country in south america, started out as a colony of england, famous for the great jim jones incident
_____: A country located in Western Africa where the war of the blood diamonds was faught.
_____: An insignificant group of islands in the South Pacific inhabited by 55 million sheep, 4.5 million of which think they are human.
Today _____ is the only nation in the world, capable to keep International Space Station running
_____: A fantastic country that once ruled the world (yes, literally) and is much cooler than the USA because it is older and cleaner.
_____ is the coolest country in Africa. It has some of the best surfing spots in the world.
_____..Best Country like eva...
A small and beautiful kingdom isolated for the longest time. _____ has always maintained its independence in spite of its small size.
_____: currently, it consists of a pair of islands that seem to exist solely for american, canadian, and european toruist dollars.
_____: The smallest country in the world. It is where the pope lives. It is within the city of Rome.
_____ is as close to paradise as is actually possible.
_____: The only country keeping penguins from coquering the Earth
_____: The country the U.S. should have toppled instead of going into Iraq.
_____: A country that is so old and complex that the average American could not write an accurate definition for it if they tried (and we do)
_____: The favorite country of Sporcle. Frequently listed as a bonus answer on geography-related quizzes.
_____: A country that's incredibly fun to be in because it's not quite European, but not quite Asian either.

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