Smol Homestuck Trivia

Trivia on the smol details of homestuck :p

Sweet bro and...
What is the name of Feferi's lusus?
What did John scatter across the universe?
What is the name of Roxy's pet firefly?
Rex Duodecim...
The earth is under seige by planet f*cking...
Who is a member of the lost weeaboos?
Dear, sweet ______sprite
What are the 4 letters of Gamzee's genetic coding?
What was Rose's computer during acts 1-4 called?
What is Terezi's typing quirk called (according to Karkat)?
What do the cherubs sleep in?
Which plant is found all over Lowas?
What was Dave's fetch modus?
Jade's Grandpa's paintings of beautiful ladies were what color?
What Sburb team was Gamzee on?
What is the name of Dave's sword?
What do cherubs eat like cereal?
Viceroy ______ von Salamander
What is Feferi's theme (soundtrack) called?
What was the name of Rose's violin refrain?
How many different clothing symbols did Jade have in acts 3 and 4?
The beta and alpha kids' browser names are also their ______ names
How many piercings does Meenah have?
Who is Jade's penpal?
[S] Drop pumpkin on Farmstink
What is used to filter grist?
What is Liv Tyler's other name? (the stuffed bunny)
Who did Davesprite date for a short amount of time?

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