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Can you name the 1990's TV shows by third billed character?

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CharacterTV ShowYears On Air
Mayor Randall M. Winston Jr.1996-2002
Detective John Munch1999-Present
Arthur Spooner1998-2007
Willow Rosenberg1997-2003
Socrates Poole1993-1994
Wilson Wilson, Jr.1991-1999
Jake Sisko1993-1999
Lt. Col. Sarah 'Mac' MacKenzie1995-2005
Helen Chapel1990-1997
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce1999-2004
Donna Pinciotti1998-2006
Walter Skinner1993-2002
Charlotte York1998-2004
Farkas 'Bulk' Bulkmeier1993-1996
Samuel 'Screech' Powers1993-1994
CharacterTV ShowYears On Air
Maxine 'Max' Felice Shaw1993-1998
Jonathan Kent1993-1997
D.A. Jack McCoy1990-2010
John Thomas 'J.T.' Lambert1991-1998
Harry Solomon1996-2001
Ed Bighead*1993-1996
Regina 'Reggie' Kostas1998-2004
Marie Barone1996-2005
Tobias Beecher1997-2003
Wakko Warner*1993-1998
Pete Cavanaugh1997-2002
B'Elanna Torres1995-2001
CharacterTV ShowYears On Air
Shawn Hunter1993-2000
Eddie 'Donkeylips' Gelfen1991-1992
Lewis Kiniski1995-2004
Cosmo Kramer1990-1998
Elaine Vassal1997-2002
Didi Pickles*1991-2004
Hilda Spellman1996-2003
Plucky Duck*1990-1992
Dr. Niles Crane1993-2004
Chris Griffin*1999-Present
Phillip Banks1990-1996
Bobby Hill*1997-2011
Dr. Phillip Watters1994-2000
Jack Gallo1997-2003
David Silver1990-2000
CharacterTV ShowYears On Air
Chuck Noblet1999-2000
Kirby Carlisle1996-2002
Claudia Jean 'C.J.' Cregg1999-2006
Dr. Jennifer Melfi1999-2007
Karen Walker1998-2006
Commissioner James Gordon*1992-1995
Mary Camden1996-2007
Six LeMeure1990-1995
Julia Salinger1994-2000
Cassidy Bridges1996-2001
Squidward Tentacles*1999-Present
Phoebe Buffay1994-2004
Bender Rodriguez*1999-Present
Dana Whitaker1998-2000
Pete Dunville1998-2001

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