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Song HintAnswerSong Name
When is the best time to wear a striped sweater?Striped Sweater
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?Theme Song
Until when is a friend a friend?That's What Friends Do
What would help Spongebob and Patrick sing the CAMPFIRE SONG song?CAMPFIRE SONG Song
F is for... F.U.N.
What is Spongebob's 'no ordinary' sandwich filled with?Hey All You People!
Who is the Krusty Krab pizza the pizza for?Krusty Krab PIzza
Song HintAnswerSong Name
What do you have to do if you want your shoes to be looking cool?*part of answer*
Who does no girl ever want to dance with?Ripped Pants
What will the last one to fall never sacrifice?Sweet Victory
What's the first step to doing the Sponge?The Sponge
How long can the best day ever last?The Best Day Ever
A stove is a stove...Without You

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