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Legal name of Sophie and Craig's son, who prefers the name 'Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All'.A
Food Amelia Pond gives the Doctor, which he tosses outside.B
According to the Doctor, early versions of the Cybermen's operating could be severely scrambled by gold and what else?C
Creator of the Daleks.D
American landmark altered by the Cult of Skaro.E
Humanoid, cannibalistic race that first appear in 'Utopia'.F
Prison ship containing millions of Daleks, which the Doctor refuses to help open.G
Person responsible for the forced regeneration of Melody PondH
First country that Rory travelled to with Amy and the Doctor.I
Race of rhinocerid humanoids frequently employed as a mercenary police force.J
Amy Pond's job during her first appearance.K
Organization formed by Elton, Bridgette, Ursula, Bliss, and Mr. Skinner.L
Universally recognized color for danger.M
U.S. President met by the Doctor in 'The Impossible Astronaut'.N
Species born with its brain in its hand.O
Prison located beneath Stone Henge which was built to contain the most feared being in all the cosmos.P
Person responsible for the commissioning of Torchwood.Q
Home planet of the Slitheen family.R
When addressing the Nestene Consciousness, the Doctor invokes Convention 15 of what?S
Planet which is home to the tomb of the Doctor.T
American state where Amy, Rory, River, and the Doctor meet after receiving their TARDIS blue envelopes.U
Device worn on wrist that allows the wearer to travel in time and space.V
Friend of the Doctor who once served as the British Prime Minister.W
Device used by Henry van Statten on the Doctor.X
Face of Boe's final words to the Doctor.Y
Prisoner that escapes from the Atraxi into Amy Pond's house.Z

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