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The Janitor claims to have a brother named what?
J.D.'s favorite drink is what?
Elliot's most emphasized fantasy is sleeping with what type of person?
What does the Todd have tattooed on his right arm?
In Scrubs, CDC is said to stand for what?
Turk claims that everyone knows he hates working when?
What language can Elliot speak other than English?
Which New York Giants NFL jersey does Dr. Cox own?
In the show, Ted's band is known as the Worthless Peons. What are they really called?
Dr. Kelso believes that Dr. Turk's last name is what?
Who is a member of the Worthless Peons, excluding Ted?
What happens to Elliot if her head gets too hot?
What does Dr. Cox say he likes about the gays?
When introducing J.D. to a new patient, Kim gives him a new middle initial, 'D'. What does it stand for?
What initials does Dr. Kelso use for his high score on Mrs. Pacman?
The Janitor changes his address in his file to match that of what T.V. family?
Turk tries to bring back what song by making it his ringtone?
J.D. states that his high school mascot was NOT what?
Aside from J.D., who did the Janitor talk to in Season 1?
When Keith got the wrong wedding invitations, what did Elliot write across his scrubs?
Who once held an above ground pool party?
The air band consisting of Turk, Lloyd, Ted, and the Janitor is known as what?
Michael Weston has a four-episode role on Scrubs in which he plays a soldier by what name?
Which character is left handed?
The Janitor claims to have the ability to sense when squirrels are what?
Rowdy, unknown to J.D. and Turk, is replaced by what other stuffed dog?
In a fantasy about his future, the Todd has a son named what?
J.D. states that Elliot is the only person he knows that can do what?
Who did the Janitor discover kept disconnecting the alarm to the emergency exit?
In 'My Karma', what does Carla claim to have eaten all of?

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