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Chandler is afraid of what animal?
What part of her body did Rachel have surgery on in college?
When Chandler makes a list of 5 celebrities he is allowed to sleep with, who is the one fictional character he lists?
Name one of the episodes that didn't begin with 'The One...'
Ross and Carol's son, Ben, is portrayed by which actor?
When Ross makes a list comparing Julie and Rachel, the one con Chandler types is what?
It is never explained how which character met the 5 other members of the group?
In the opening credits of 'The One After Vegas', what did the entire cast add to their names?
In one apartment there is a picture frame surrounding the peephole. What is on the door of the apartment across the hall?
What is the name of the male nanny Ross and Rachel hire to watch Emma?
Who's parents appear in all 10 seasons?
What does Gunther dress as for Monica and Chandler's Halloween Party?
To date, 'Friends' is the only comedy series to have every main character do what in each episode?
Phoebe's most common alias is what?
Phoebe believes herself to be related to what famous scientist?
In 'The One With the Baby on the Bus', what unusual item does someone drop in Phoebe's guitar case?
What is Joey's PIN?
When asked if he would rather give up food or sex, what does Joey say he wants?
What self-help book do the girls read?
The only one of Joey's sister's to have a name that does not contain the letter 'a'.
Eddie, Chandler's roommate after Joey leaves, accuses Chandler of what?
After having a fight, Ross sends one long-stemmed rose to Emily 'for each day [he's] known and loved her'. How many did he send?
Peter Becker, who created Moss 865, states that Moss 1 burned what down?
Joey believes homo sapiens are what?
Which television station does Phoebe hate?
In 'The One With the Flashback', Phoebe refers to Ugly Naked Guy as what?
When Rachel and Joey agree to trade favorite books, what book does Rachel end up reading?
When Monica was trying to figure out the recipe to Phoebe's grandmother's cookies, which batch made Ross sick?
When Phoebe is teaching Joey how to play guitar, she gets upset when she discovers he has been learning what?
What problem does Ross encounter when he is on a date with Elizabeth while wearing leather pants?
In 'The One With the Ride-Along', who does Ross believe saves his life? (First and Last Name)
What is Ross allergic to?
What heirloom did Phoebe inherit?
In the episode where Chandler marries Monica, Joey is in a play in which he says that he's 'off to fight the Nazis'. Which war is he acting in?
Which volume of the encyclopedia does Joey buy?

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