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In 'Peter's Progress', which actor calls his own answering machine?A
Quagmire once got the chance to sit on stage at a concert by what singer?B
Stewie believes that the M.C. Escher drawing that he buys is called what?C
What is the name of the episode in which Ernie the Giant Chicken makes his debut?D
What is Dr. Hartman's first name?E
In 'Brian the Bachelor', which cereal icon is shown to be a contestant?F
Where do Stewie and Brian travel when they go back in time?G
Peter once bought Chris a buff what?H
Lois states that the plot of Brian's novel is identical to what movie?I
What is the name of Brian's longest-running girlfriend?J
In 'I Never Met the Dead Man', Peter watches a commercial in which someone stands on one leg, acts like a monkey, and kills a man to get what?K
When Lois states that it shouldn't be hard to pass an American citizenship test since Wilmer Valderrama passed, Peter says that 'by that logic it, can't be that hard to nail' who?L
Which musician/singer does Chris idolize in 'Saving Private Brian'?'M
What is the name of the Griffin family's second dog?N
What is the name of the girl whom Stewie sings the duet 'You Do' with?O
What is the name of the nightclub that Stewie opens to help Brian and Frank Sinatra Jr.?P
In 'Airport '07', a clip from 'Last Holiday' is shown on the plane. Who is seen falling while snowboarding in the clip?Q
When Peter names Chandler and Fonzie as two of Chris' friends, what is the name of the third person he names?R
When Peter is sent back to the 3rd Grade, what competition does he end up winning?S
Peter believes himself to be a genius after winning what board game?T
It is revealed that one of Peter's ancestors invented the wheel in what episode?U
One of the two Vaudeville performers who appear several times throughout the series is named Johnny. What is his partner's name?V
What did Peter play when he participated in a production of 'Red Dawn: The Musical'?W
In 'April in Quahog', what gift does Peter buy for the kids to win back their love?X
What word does Peter pay Joe Pesci a nickel to pronounce?Y
Brian has a tattoo of what comic-strip character?Z

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