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Who does Brian discover hiding behind a Stratego game?A
Peter, Joe, Cleveland, and Quagmire win a costume contest at a T.V. convention because their 'A-Team' had a real what?B
Who is in charge of Petoria's Space Program?C
When Brian is asked for his autograph, he states that it makes him feel more important than a what?D
What superhero identity does Peter adopt after buying feety pajamas?E
What is the title of Brian's novel?F
Peter believes that the first person to get AIDS got it where?G
Who owns the Drunken Clam?H
Whom does Peter state found a way to travel without a car?I
According to Cleveland's cousin, Madame Claude, Quagmire was who in a past life?J
According to Peter, every time they go on vacation, Lois hides the what?K
Peter once had a goldfish named what?L
Who convinces Peter, Quagmire, and Cleveland not to steal money from Carter Pewterschmidt?M
Peter once fell into his washing machine and was transported to where?N
Which Griffin ancestor had 3 as a telephone number?O
Brian once dressed as a large banana while dancing to what song?P
When Peter creates the cartoon character 'Rapid Dave,' he gives him what catchphrase?Q
While interacting with his stuffed bear in 'McStroke', Stewie pretends that the what is a monster?R
In an effort to ward off Mort Goldman, Peter creates a what?S
Peter's favorite song is by what musical group?T
Peter worked as an 'eye wrangler' for which actress?U
Herbert leads a choir of young boys in 'Proud To Be An American' during which parade?V
Peter believes the 'fat guy in the circle' to be a prize on what game show?W
One of the songs Peter can play on the piano is the theme song to what?X
Which Warner Bros. character was once shown to be trying on a particularly tight pair of jeans?Y
When Peter goes back in time to relive his 'wild years', he skips a date with Lois in which they had planned to see what movie?Z

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