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Whom does Adam West trick into saying his name backwards?A
At one point, Stewie mistakes Quagmire for which comedian/actor?B
After finding out that Joe is a paraplegic for the first time, Peter refers to him as a what?C
Stewie claims that he can smell what on Barbara Pewterschmidt?D
When Chris was born, the newspapers referred to him as what?E
Who helps Peter understand sarcasm?F
Quagmire has evidenced intense anger when playing what game?G
Stewie once played a rather unsuccessful game of Marco Polo with whom?H
After discovering he can keep a tab at Goldman's Pharmacy, Peter buys 8 crates of what?I
Herbert has a dog named what?J
In 'A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Bucks', Chris dates what famous model?K
The head of the Maid's Union states that they need more of what?L
Peter believes he can speak Italian after he gets a what?M
At one point, Peter becomes the mayor of what town?N
Peter appears at Meg's bachelorette party as a stripper named what?O
Stewie believes Peter can disappear while playing what game?P
What character had, at one point, a cat named James?Q
What animated character did Peter create to mirror Speedy Gonzales? R
After upsetting Tom Brady, Peter is transferred to what football team in London?S
The name of Peter's evil twin.T
Stewie states that Jillian speaks with what at the end of each sentence?U
In 'When You Wish Upon a Weinstein,' a salesman offers to sell Peter what?V
In 'The Thin White Line', Stewie claims that Peter runs like a what?W
After being contracted into dating Neil, Meg and her parents trick him into coming to what he believes to be a what?X
As a favor to a park ranger, Peter kills who?Y
Stewie believes that it would be bad to receive a birthday telegram from who?Z

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