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Capital of Italy is:
Who won the 2010 Masters?
The 2nd U.S. President is:No middle name.
The 3rd U.S. President is:No middle name.
The 1st U.S. President is:No middle name.
Distance divided by Time is:Not Speed.
0+2+3+5+10+30+50+100Don't use a calculator.
The Greek God of the Seas is:Not Latin Name.
The 4th U.S. President is:No middle name.
Where is the 2010 Fifa Cup being held?
The Greek King of Gods is:Not Latin Name.
Gravity multiplied by Time is:Not Free Fall Speed.
The Greek Queen of Gods is:Not Latin Name.
Where were the 2010 Winter Olympics held?The city.
Capital of Brazil is:
The Capital of the United States of America is:Not U.S.
Capital of China is:
What website are you on?
The Greek God of Hell is:Not Latin Name.
100-50-30-10-5-3-2-0=Don't use a calculator.

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