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Name the last 50 different Best Director Oscar winners with the vowels removed.

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Dnn Bl
Jms L Brks
Stvn Splbrg
Rn Hwrd
Sdn Pllck
Mk Nchls
Frd Znnmnn
Rbrt Rdfrd
Tn Rchrdsn
ljndr Gnzlz nrrt
Ptr Jcksn
Rbrt Zmcks
Mchl Cmn
Dvd Ln
Grg Ckr
Gllrm dl Tr
Dmn Chzll
lfns Crn
Mls Frmn
Jhn G vldsn
Rbrt Ws & Jrm Rbbns
Grg R Hll
Jnthn Dmm
Kvn Cstnr
Kthrn Bglw
Rmn Plnsk
Stvn Sdrbrgh
Jhn Schlsngr
Sm Mnds
Frncs Frd Cppl
Clnt stwd
Tm Hpr
Bb Fss
Mchl Hznvcs
Wd lln
Crl Rd
Brnrd Brtlcc
lvr Stn
Wllm Frdkn
Brr Lvnsn
Wrrn Btt
Jms Cmrn
Rbrt Bntn
Jl & thn Cn
Ml Gbsn
Rchrd ttnbrgh
Mrtn Scrss
nthn Mnghll
ng L
Frnkln J Schffnr

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