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Name the last 50 different Best Actress Oscar winners with the vowels removed.

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Ntl Prtmn
Sph Lrn
mm Thmpsn
Chrlz Thrn
F Dnw
lln Brstn
Hll Hntr
Jlnn Mr
Mgg Smth
Lz Mnnll
Gwnth Pltrw
Jl ndrws
Rs Wthrspn
Ct Blnchtt
Grldn Pg
Hll Brr
Hlr Swnk
mm Stn
Kth Bts
Jl Rbrts
Br Lrsn
Mrn Ctllrd
Jd Fstr
Shrl McLn
Smn Sgnrt
Kt Wnslt
Sss Spck
Brbr Strsnd
Ssn Srndn
Ls Fltchr
Sll Fld
Mrl Mtln
Sndr Bllck
Jnnfr Lwrnc
Ptrc Nl
Jssc Lng
nn Bncrft
lzbth Tlr
Jssc Tnd
Hln Mrrn
Hln Hnt
Glnd Jcksn
Jl Chrst
Kthrn Hpbrn
Jn Fnd
Dn Ktn
Mrl Strp
Ncl Kdmn
Frncs McDrmnd

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