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QUIZ: Name the last 50 different Best Actor Oscar winners with the vowels removed.

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Bn Kngsl
Rbrt Bngn
Rbrt D Nr
Mtthw McCngh
Hnr Fnd
Pl Nwmn
Phlp Smr Hffmn
Jn Vght
Tm Hnks
Rchrd Drfss
dd Rdmn
Dnzl Wshngtn
Jck Nchlsn
Gffr Rsh
Jm Fxx
L Mrvn
nthn Hpkns
Jn Djrdn
Frst Whtkr
Jck Lmmn
rt Crn
Jrm rns
Brt Lncstr
Sn Pnn
Lnrd DCpr
l Pcn
Clff Rbrtsn
Gn Hckmn
Jhn Wn
Cln Frth
Mchl Dgls
Wllm Hrt
Grgr Pck
Dstn Hffmn
Rd Stgr
Ncls Cg
Rx Hrrsn
Rbrt Dvll
F Mrr brhm
Sdn Ptr
Jff Brdgs
Rssll Crw
Cs fflck
Kvn Spc
Dnl D-Lws
Ptr Fnch
Pl Scfld
Mxmln Schll
Grg C Sctt
drn Brd

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