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Which operator can place a Cluster Charge?
Which operator has a Sniper Rifle?
Who can place an electric battery?
Who can revive players from a distance?
Which operator has no unique ability?
Eliza Cohen is better known as who?
What is Caveira's real name?
Elena Maria Alvarez belongs to which CTU?
Alexsandr Senaviev is which operator
Sledge's real name is?
What map came with the DLC 'Black Ice'?
Hereford Base is a training course for which CTU?
Bartlett University was the focus of what situation?
What is the only map that has 3 floors with no objective on the top floor?
Name the maps covered in snow.
The F2 weapon can only be used by which operator?
The PMM belongs to which CTU?
The P90 holds how many rounds in a magazine? (including a bullet in the chamber.)
Which weapon has to have a sight removed as it was deemed overpowered with it on?
What is the name of the shotgun that belongs to the SAT CTU?
What map is located in Ibiza?
The map Kanal is in which German city?
Presidential Plane is at which UK airport?
Consulate is the French Consulate of what African Country?
Bank takes place in which US state?
Which operator is the oldest?
Who's the youngest?
Chalet is found on what snowy mountain range?
Jager translates to what in English?
What branch of Ubisoft are the main developers of the game?

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