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7am- Emma Bunton she is there to wake you up
7:59am- Emma Buntonkick start your day with Emma Bunton
8am- Emma Buntonbring him or her on
8:20am- Emma Buntoncheck up on sports coming up
8:39am- Emma Buntonbring her on
8:40am- Emma Buntonif anything has happened
8:50am- Emma Buntonsport news anyone
8:59am- Emma Buntonupdates on cricket from Australia
9am- Emma Buntonfor the break
9:30am- Emma Buntonthen the show starts
10am- Emma Buntonback at 11
10:33am- Emma Bunton11am resume
11am- Emma Buntonthe audience comes back in
11:30am - Emma Buntonso they know
12pm- Emma Bunton1pm resume
12:59pm- Emma Buntonthe show resumes in 1 minute
1pm- Emma Buntonphew made it through the morning here we go
1:30pm- Emma Buntonback at 3pm
2pm - Emma Bunton1 hour show
2:30pm- Emma Buntontea break to brush hair
3pm- Emma BuntonGuests due at 3:30pm
3:33pm- Emma Buntonthe audience claps
4pm- Emma Buntonthe audience claps and cheers
4:30pm- Emma Bunton the finaleold co-host leaves and Emma Bunton departs
5pm- Mark Ronson and Rita OraChange over of Presenters for the evening
5:30pm- Ronson and Rita Oracheck tomorrow morning's paper headlines
6pm- Ronson and Rita Orathe host says go off for tea see you back at 6:39pm
6:39pm- Ronson and Rita Orathe guests arrive in 30 minutes
7pm- Ronson and Rita OraIntroduce guests
7:39pm- Ronson and Rita Orathe host goes off for a drink of Pepsi which should have been sorted at 5:30pm
8pm- Ronson and Rita Orathe audience claps and cheers
8:30pm- Ronson and Rita Orathe host says tired go off to bed Kylie you got to be up for 6am to go to work
9pm- Ronson and Rita Orathe hosts say well i think Rita Ora put the kettle on
9:30pm- Ronson and Rita OraThe Sports of course
10pm- Ronson and Rita Orathe hosts says that the number 1 won't be revealed until 12:39am
10:30pm- Ronson and Rita Oraback at 11pm
11pm- Ronson and Rita Oradrink cold tea
11:30pm- Ronson and Rita Oralike put the cards in the right place
12am- Ronson and Rita Orajust 39 minutes away from the number 1
12:29am- Ronson and Rita Orain 10 minutes
12:30am- Ronson and Rita Oraa long day tomorrow. Ariana Arrives home
12:39am- Ronson and Rita Oraend top 77 countdown
12:40am- Ronson and Rita Orathe finalego to bed
Tuesday 7am- Emma Buntonwake up the audience
Tuesday 7:10am- Emma Buntonstart longish Kayleigh show
Tuesday 7:59:59am- Emma Buntonthe audience claps for the hosts
Tuesday 8am-12am- Emma Bunton/ Ronson and Little Mixcheck the morning headlines and evening headlines
Tuesday 12am- Ronson and Rita Orago to bed
Wednesday 7am-12am- Emma B/ Ronson and Rita Orathey say morning you lot raise and shine a long day ahead
Wednesday 12am- Ronson and Rita Ora go to bed
Thursday morning 7am-1pm- Emma B and Ellacheck the latest Cricket news stories on the next grand prix
Thursday Afternoon 3pm- Emma B/ Ronson and Rita Oraclap really loudly for Rita Ora!
Thursday evening 12am- Ronson and Rita Oraunless you like doughnuts so get us some Apple turnovers for the show
Friday 7am-12am- Emma B/ Ronson and Rita Orawhere are those turnovers that we ordered yesterday!
Friday evening 12am- Ronson and Rita Oradon't forget the turnovers
Saturday Morning 7am- Ronson and Rita OraGood moaning welcome to Treasure Quest
Saturday afternoon 1pm- Ronson and Rita OraBalls that Pepsi is needed now!
Saturday evening 12am- Ronson and Rita OraEmma is up next
Sunday Morning 7am- Rita Ora and Ronsonthey say that Mark Ronson will join the show at 11am
Sunday Morning 11am- Ronson and Rita Oraplay jingle and Mark Ronson makes an appearance
Sunday afternoon 1pm- Ronson and Rita OraCoke time
Sunday evening 12am- Ronson and Rita OraEmma is up next
Total?- after 63 questionsFinally got lost in the works the other day

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