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7am- Emma Bunton- the first hourEmma is there to wake you up with the opening tune of Rabbit!
7:59am- Emma Bunton with Will.i.amkick start your day with Emma and
8am- Emma Bunton with Will.i.ambring him on(Rabbit plays)
8:20am- Emma Bunton with Will.i.amcheck up on sports coming up
8:39am- Emma Bunton and Will.i.ambring her on(Rabbit Plays)
8:40am- Emma Bunton with Will.i.amwe look forward to the Premier League
8:50am- Emma Bunton with Will.i.amwe look ahead to the Premier League
8:59am- Emma Bunton with check up on Chart update for the number 1 coming Friday
9am- Emma Bunton with Will.i.amthen the show starts
9:30am- Emma Bunton with Will.i.amfor the break
10am- Emma Bunton with Will.i.amback at 11
10:33am- Emma Bunton with Will.i.am11am resume
11am- Emma Bunton with Will.i.amthe audience comes back in
11:30am - Emma Bunton and Will.iam-the finalAriana is next followed by Ella
12pm- Ariana -the opening hourso what in my bag of tunes? Rabbit for sure!
12:59pm-Ariana the final hourfinal song choice as choosen by viewers
1pm- Ella- the opening hourhow many tunes can i fit in 1 hour? Rabbit to open with
1:30pm- Ella the final hourChangeover of the presenters for the next 11 hours
2pm -Mark, Rita and Britney Spears - the opening hourIt's Monday! Here's Chas and Dave with Rabbit!
2:30pm- Mark,Rita and Britney SpearsOlly opens the show
3pm- Mark,Rita and Britney SpearsGuests due at 3:30pm
3:33pm- Mark, Rita and Britney Spearsguests arrive
4pm-Mark,Rita and Britney Spearssomebody stick the kettle on!
4:30pm- Mark,Rita and Britney Spearswe look ahead to the weekend fixtures in the Premier League!
5pm- Mark,Rita and Britney SpearsIn the run up to Saturday's Knockouts show
5:30pm- Mark,Rita and Britney Spearswho is in the running for the 250,000 investment?
6pm- Mark,Rita and Britney Spearsthe host says go off for tea see you back at 6:39pm
6:39pm-Mark,Rita and Britney Spearsthe guests arrive in 30 minutes and who will be number 1?
7pm- Mark,Rita and Britney SpearsIt is that part of the show where we tell you what you should watch tonight
7:39pm- Mark,Rita and Britney SpearsThe host disappears for a while.
8pm-Mark,Rita and Britney SpearsLook who it is it is the other two!
8:30pm- Mark,Rita and Britney SpearsOr Dancing Plays in the background
9pm-Mark,Rita and Britney SpearsCup of tea anyone?
9:30pm- Mark,Rita and Britney SpearsThe Sports of course with a look ahead to the Premier League
10pm-Mark,Rita and Britney SpearsIt is time for The top 77 countdown!
10:30pm- Mark,Rita and Britney Spearsback at 11pm
11pm- Mark,Rita and Britney Spearsdrink cold tea
11:30pm- Mark,Rita and Britney Spearsmake sure the cushions are sorted
12am-Mark,Rita and Britney Spearsjust 39 minutes away from the number 1
12:29am- Mark,Rita and Britney SpearsAriana Pulls up on the driveway 3 hours later than the other two
12:30am- Mark,Rita and Britney SpearsAriana Arrives home
12:39am- Mark,Rita and Britney Spearsend top 77 countdown
Tuesday 2am- -Mark,Rita and Britney Spearsfinally it's time for the last 2 songs! from Rabbit to open with to Anywhere to close the show!
Tuesday 7am- Emma Bunton with Olly MursThe Banana splits? oh of course the tra la la song!
Tuesday 7:10am- Emma Bunton with Olly Mursstart shortish morning show
Tuesday 7:59:59am-12pm- Emma Bunton with Olly Mursthe audience claps for the hosts
Tuesday 2pm-2am- Mark,Rita and Britney SpearsTuesday already? Here's JT to get us going with filthy!
Wednesday 2am- Mark,Rita and Britney SpearsRita Ora sings us out with her songs
Wednesday 2pm-2am- Mark,Rita and Britney SpearsIt's Wednesday! so here's Bruno Mars and Cardi B enjoy!
Thursday 2am- Mark,Rita and Britney SpearsRita Sing us out of our show with your 2 songs please!
Thursday Morning 7am-12pm- Emma B and Ellacheck the latest Premier League results
Thursday Afternoon 2pm- Mark,Rita and Britney SpearsThursday afternoon the weekend is around the corner but here's Jax Jones with his latest track enjoy!
Friday Morning 2am- Mark,Rita and Britney Spearsthat's 2pm on the nose!
Friday 2pm-2am-Mark,Rita and Britney SpearsIt's Friday! so here's Reggaeton Lento enjoy!
Saturday Morning 2am- Mark,Rita and Britney Spearsget ready to help BBC 3CR win after 8 losses in a row
Saturday Morning 9am-Mark,Rita and Britney SpearsGood morning welcome to Treasure Quest
Saturday afternoon 1pm- Mark,Rita and Britney SpearsBalls that Classic Coke is needed now!
Sunday Morning 2am- Mark,Rita and Britney SpearsOlly is up next-2am-7am
Sunday Morning 9am- Mark,Rita and Britney SpearsThey say that Mark Ronson will join the show in 2 hours time
Sunday Morning 11am- Mark,Rita and Britney Spearsplay jingle and Mark Ronson makes an appearance
Sunday afternoon 1pm- Mark,Rita and Britney SpearsCoke time
Monday Morning 2am- Mark,Rita and Britney SpearsOlly is up next- 2am-7am
Total?- after 63 questionsFinally got lost in the works the other day

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