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Name all 14 winners and guess the judges including the new one this year

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Winner of the first series in spring 2004?very First winner
Winner of the second series in autumn 2004?Second winner and christmas special and spin off launched
The 3rd winner in 2005?Third winner and first male as well
the 4th winner in 2006?Fourth winner
the 5th winner in 2007?Fifth winner
the 6th winner in 2008?Sixth winner
the 7th winner in 2009?Seventh winner
the 8th winner in 2010?Eighth winner
The 9th winner in 2011?Ninth winner
The 10th winner in 2012 ?Tenth winner
The 11th winner in 2013?Eleventh winner
The 12th winner in 2014?12th winner
The 13th winner in 2015?13th Winner
Who won the last series last year?Fourteenth winner
Who were the judges in series 1?Series 1 judges
series 2 judges ?returned
when did Strictly: It takes two launched?Claudia was the orginal host before Zoe took over in series 9
Series 3 judges?returned
series 4 judges?returned
series 5 judges?This was Arlene's last series before Alesha Dixon took over in series 6
series 6 judges?Alesha joined this series before leaving in 2012
Series 7 judges?returned and Darcey was a guest judge in the final few weeks before landing the role in 2012
series 8 Judges?returned
Series 9 judges?returned and Alesha left in January 2012
Series 10 judges?Darcey joined this series and loves giving Craig a slap with her paddle
Series 11 judges?returned
series 12 judges?returned
series 13 judges?returned
Bruce Forsyth was the presenter from 2004 -2014?changes
Series 14 judges?Returned and Len annouced his retirement in July 2016
New pro dancers joined in 2016?Along with returning favourites
Natilie reveled that she isn't returning for series 15 due to some other commitments?Waiting for the result
Who is the brand new series 15 judge replacing Len Goodman this year?Dubbed Queen of Latin
Joining Shirley will be which judges and presenters in series 15?Tougher series
Anton and Brendan have been in the series since when?This will be their 15th series as pro dancers
The cliftons joined in in 2011 and Joanne won the 2016 series with who?Beaten Kevin to the the glitterball
When did Shirley get announced a few days after Natilie said she was leaving?the other 3 said they are looking forward to working with Shirley later this year
Who is being roummered for this year's series?won't be announced until August
Anton was in the running for head until which other dancer got the Job?he was upset he wasn't choosen.

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