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2017presentersRadio hosts
Sound of the 60's?early start(12am-2:03am)
Strand ?3:03am
5 am show?until 6:30am
The Early Morning Breakfast Showuntil 9:30am
Popmaster?until 12pm
Talk show?until 2pm
The Big Show(includes the non stop oldies)?until 5pm( nicknamed silly boy on fridays for Serious Jockin)(also does Sunday Love Songs)
Drivetime( Foodie Thursday) (All request Friday)?Enjoy youself it's later than you think
Evening shows?relaxing way to spend your evening
Evening chat show?A nice cup of tea will go well with this show
Musical show?80's for me
Review the week shows?you really need to be a late bird for this show
Weekend strand?2:03am
2 more weekend strands?3:03am-4:03am
Weekend morning show?5:03am-6am
Repeat of sounds of the 60's6am-8am
Breakfast show?8am-10am
2017presentersRadio hosts
Saturday chat show?10am-1pm
Pick of The Pops?1pm-3pm
Coach potatoes?3-6pm
Squeaky toy?6pm-8pm
Rhythm nation?8pm-10pm
House Party?10pm-12am
Disco time?12am-2:03am
Playlists on a sunday?2:03-5:03am
Sunday best?5:03am 6am
The new morning show?6-9:05am
On the Ball?11am-1pm
Sounds of the 70's3pm-5pm
Talk Show?5pm-7pm
Relaxing Evening?7pm-9pm
The muti award winning lyricrist?11pm-12am
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