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Forced Order
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a world child
the sparks a-flowing
a song of sixpence
a universal sigh
fodder for the animals
the pick in the ice
the devil's way
a clear lake
the pillar of my salt
a reasonable man
a pale imitation
a bully in a china shop
a gun and a pack of sandwiches
bittersweet distractor
sawed off shotguns
a million bubbles
a city of the future
voltage spikes
the next world war
the unborn chicken voices
a good memory
snot-nosed little punk
half a head
a bump on the head
an open ravine
a foul tasing medicine
shadows blue and red
a song to keep us warm
a white room by a window
astral cars
voodoo economics
a bug in the ground
a detuned radio
our darkest hour
a force ten gale
the head of state
the rag and bone man
dominoes in pretty patterns
an idiot on the road
blown speakers
the wings of butterflies
purest hell
a perfect soul
a walking disaster
cracks in the pavement
your teenage thumb
the shadows at the end of my bed
the lost and the sold
the one who cannot talk
the bottom of the sea
the killing hordes
baby alligators in the sewers
a sheer drop
a lynching
bruises that won't heal

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