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Can you name the 'The Office' Characters by their Halloween costumes?

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Forced Order
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Sookie Stackhouse, Kate Middleton, Cheerleader, Hobo,
Katy Perry, Skeleton, Snooki, Dorothy, Carrie Bradshaw, LeLu
Bill Compton, Cat, Michael Jackson, Builder
Two-headed [name], dick in a box, MacGruber, Warehouse employee
Uncle Sam, Sarah Palin, Oscar Liar Weiner, 70s Pimp, Rational Consumer
Skeleton, Lady Gaga
Cat, Raggedy Ann, Judge, Witch
Kitten, Black Widow, Penguin, Nurse
Bookface/Facebook, Dave, Chris Bosh, Three hole-punched [name], Pop-eye
Dirty Harry
Dracula, Osama Bin Laden, Joker, Mummy
Mr. Incredible, Joker, Paul Blart, Gorilla, Michael Moore
Dracula (Blackula)
Cat, Rosemary, Olive Oyl, Kangaroo
Monster, Princess Fiona, Wendy's Wendy
Gordon Gekko, Jesse Pinkman, Justin Bieber, Edward Cullen
Pregnant Nun
Sith Lord, Kerigan, Joker, Billy the Puppet, Scranton Strangler,
Black Lagoon creature, Samurai Warrior, Chef
Hugh Hefner, Hobo, Skeleton

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