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Can you name the Name the JYP and SM artist songs ?

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lyricssong titlehint
Baby eejaeneun naegaewah And be my ladyboy group
Dashi saenggakhae (saenggakhae) amuri Mareul hae jweobwado imi neon Mareul deudji anha meariro doraojanha (~ojanha) boy group
imi jeonhwal batneun annneun neoege nareul boryeojocha annneun neoege amuri bireodo yongseoreul guhaedo soyongeomneun irira haedoboy group
Geuraeyo nan nul saranghae Unjaena miduh ggoomdo yuljungdo da joogo shippuh girl group
U don’t know me U don’t know me U don’t know me U don’t know me So shut up boy So shut up boy So shut up boy So shut up, shut upgirl group
Boy you look so fine, ojjom nomu motjyo Anbonun chok hae bojiman jakkuman nunul matchwo girl group
Butterfly Neoreul mannan chut sungan Nooni beonjjeok meori stop Belli ding dong oolleosseo boy group
Cold heart, baby! Cold eyes, baby! Let's go! boy group
lyricssong titlehint
Sorry baby sorry baby neoman neoreul saranghaeseo mianhae Cheongmal mianhae boy group
Na eoddeokkhaeyo eonni Nae mareul deureobwa Nae geusarameul eonni Moreugesseoyo girl group
Gidaridaga jichinda eum You Know neon neon naemamani? boy group
Neottae mune nae maeum eun, gabot ibgo ijen naega matseo julge Ni hwasareun Trouble! Trouble! Trouble! girl group
Everybody is watching me Cause I'm HOT Everybody is wanting me Cause I'm HOTgirl group
Neowae neowae downiya gibooni Owae owae cheok.hamyeon cheok Neowae neowae upiya gibooni owaeboy group
Back to the days when we were so young and wild and free modeunge neomuna ggumman gateodeon geuddaero doragago shipeunde wae jaggu nareul mireo naeryeohaegirl group

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