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Maxwell Smart works for?
Where he is agent number?
His boss is known as?
But his real first name is?
The cover name he uses most often is?
Max's partner is?
They usually fight against this organization?
The representative of that organization they battle most often is?
His partner is?
Max and this enemy first meet at?
Max's suicide pill is what flavor?
What does his enemy use as a suicide device?
What does Max say when he is told of the danger he will be facing?
What is another name for the villain, The Claw?
Who is his assistant?
Who is the robot who helps Max?
Who was he named for?
What is the name of the robot created to destroy him?
What kind of ice cream does he try to get out of the truck?
Where does Max keep his phone?
What is hidden under the hood of Max's car?
How much does Max miss it by?
Who is the best man at Max's wedding?
How many children does Max have?
What was the job of Max's father-in-law?
What part of this quiz didn't you understand?

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