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Forced Order
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The potency of which skill decreases as the player's HP decreases?
WAR receives how much increased damage from its Maim buff?
How many distinct Heavensfall patterns are there in T9?
In Pharos Sirius NM, what is the name of the spell that debuffs a party member until they are fully healed?
Name one of the two traits of Coincounter in Aurum Vale that cannot be seen in any dungeon below it?
What is the CP cost of Muscle Memory?
Name the Weaver cross class skill which costs the most CP?
What is the potency of Jump when you are under the effect of Blood of the Dragon and Power Surge?
What does Empyreal Arrow have that is unique to all other oGCDs?
In what patch was The Second Coil of Bahamut released?
What mechanic was patched several times in The Binding Coil of Bahamut?
At the launch of ARR, what was the highest level it was possible for a Legacy player to start with?
What macro command can be placed at the beginning of a macro to prevent the execution of any other macro until all the steps following it have been executed?
Which skill originally reduced enemy damage dealt by 10%?
What is the least common favor item found by Botanists in Churning Mists?
What is the total progress needed for the completion of an Adamantite Ingot craft?
How much MP does it cost to summon Selene as a level 60 Scholar?
Which player applied DoT has the strongest potency tick?
How many times does the fifth Akh Morn hit?
Name one of the 2 four letter EU servers?
What is the only EU legacy server?
How wide in yalms is the AOE from caster LB2?
What does Enhanced Focalization II extend the duration of Focalization to?
What is the recast time on Silent Dusk?
Submitting 3000 collectables to Rowena's House of Splendors will gain you what title?
What is the duration of Goad?
Convert sacrifices 20% of maximum HP. What percentage of MP does it restore?
Which role always receives one of the shrieks during double shriek in the last phase of T7s?
What title do you receive for achieving PVP rank 30 with the Maelstrom?
What is the name of the only JP server beginning with Z?
What is the name of the 'ritual mudra hand gesture for 'heaven' '?
What is the first option in the Calamity Salvager's menu?
If you have 800TP, how many seconds of sprint will you gain?
What race is the skywatcher in Mor Dhona?
Furymint can be farmed in two zones. Name one.
What is the only bait that can be purchased from the vendor in Tailfeather?
'A rare flower that has an elemental aspect tipped severely in the direction of Astral.'
'Soup made from leeks and onions sauteed in butter and mixed with chicken stock.'
What is the colour of the manifesto received from Alex Gordian 1?
What level is the trait Enhanced Venomous Bite unlocked?
What is the name of the mini boss before Siren in Pharos Sirius NM?
Name any of the classes or jobs which are the furthest right on their rows when viewing search info.
At what level do you unlock the trait to stack 3 Aetherflows?
What is the first fish in the Fish Guide?
Heavens' Ward Helm fragment is made of which metal?

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