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What colour is Martin's Speedo?
Annie's city?
Hallie's city?
What is the camp the twins attended called?
How old is Meredith?
What part of California is Napa in?
Finish the quote: We have been punished
What is the name of the ship which Nick and Elizabeth married on?
What colour is Hallie's duffel?
When Elizabeth and Nick married in 1986, what colour was the flowers in their bouquet?
Which lake is Camp Walden by?
When Annie and Hallie first shook hands, what colour of nail polish does Hallie have on?
On the night in which they decided to switch places, what pattern is on Annie's pajamas?
On the night in which they decided to switch places, what pattern is on Hallie's pajamas?
When Hallie jumped into the pool, what colour of swimsuit does she have on?
What is the colour of the vehicle which Annie and Nick drove home in?
Who won the fencing contest?
Who won the poker game?
What is Annie's last name?
What is Hallie's last name?
What colour is Nick's horse?
What colour is Hallie's horse?
What is Hallie's horse called?
What is the name of the hotel?
What city is the hotel in?
Fill in the quote: Race you back
When sitting at a bar, Meredith said that she saw a gown that Elizabeth designed in what magazine?
The day Elizabeth left Nick, what did she throw at him?
What did Meredith throw at Nick when she left him?
What did Annie's fax to Hallie say?
Who is the first one in London to know that the twins switched places?
Who is the first one in Napa who knew that the twin switched places?
How many days did they plan on going on the camping trip?
Finish the quote: I cannot believe I am finally meeting
The day when Elizabeth was packing to head to the States, how many curlers are in her hair?
Who is the camp director?
Who is her right-hand man?
What surprise did the twins have for their parents the night when they went onto the cruise?
What is the name of the vineyard?
What is the name of Elizabeth's shop?
What fruit are the twins allergic to?
What is the colour of the big water balloon that soaked Annie?
What is Annie's address in London?
What did the twins eat Oreos with?
Finish the quote: Hi pet,
What is the name of Hallie's stuffed animal?
What does it say on the bottle of wine which Nick and Elizabeth drank from on the night of their wedding?
Finish the quote: Get into these arms,
Finish the quote: My mom is
Finish the quote: That tall,
What does the banner which was hung up in Annie's living room way?
What is Hallie's dog named?
What is Meredith's occupation?
What is the kind of water which Meredith was drinking?
What name did Meredith scream out when she realised she was in the middle of the lake?
What colour was the hankerchief which Annie wore on the camping trip?
What colour was the hankerchief Hallie wore on the camping trip?
Finish the quote: I expected to meet a little girl but
What two colours are the camp uniform?
What was the name of Elizabeth's butler?
What did Grandpa smell like?
Finish the quote: I have a
Finish the quote: A dog at the Stafford?
Finish the quote: We have heard
Finish the quote: In your honour,
Finish the quote: Want me to
Finish the quote: Martin, I do have a ridiculous,
What did Nick call Elizabeth?
What language, besides English, did Annie speak?
Did Martin and Chessy marry?
In which suit was Hallie's winning hand?
Finish the quote: Annie, would you hate
What was in Elizabeth's drink when she ordered it in the Stafford?
What was Elizabeth drinking on the way to the Stafford?
Who is the director of this movie?
Who played both Annie and Hallie in this movie?
Who composed the film music for this movie?
Who played Elizabeth in this movie?
Who played Nick in this movie?
What was the song that played at the beginning of the movie?
Name one Beatles song from this movie.
Name one Nat King Cole song from this movie.
Finish this quote:I would pay big money to see
Finish the quote: How about a martinis?
Finish the quote: You are nervous?
Finish the quote: T-H-E-M, them,
Finish the quote: Let's say we take a
Finish the quote: You don't always
Finish the quote: We actually
What is the song that Hallie hummed while Meredith came out of the elevator?
Finish the quote: Two martinis please, and
Finish the quote: I got my first
What did Annie 'think' her dad would do to Meredith?
What colour was Chessy's swimsuit?
Finish the quote: Can I get back to you on that,
Finish the quote: Did you know that the Concord
Finish the quote: So you are coming to Napa for Thanksgiving.
What is the colour of the hat Hallie chose for the model to wear at the photo shoot?
FInish the quote: You and you,
What is the last quote from the movie?
Which scene was deleted from the movie?
What is the song that played during the photo shoot?
How many clipboards were hang up in the storage room of Parker Knoll?
What is the name of Meredith's assistant?
What is the colour of the pen Meredith's assistant was holding?
Fill in the quote: Don't look at me,
What is the name of the song that played when Hallie was riding through London?
How many flags are hang up on the entrance of the Stafford?
Finish the quote: Wear your shirt like this. I like it when
Finish the quote: He used to make me weak in the knees,
Finish the quote: She never had more than one glass of wine in her entire life
Finish the quote: This will cure anything that you've got.
Finish the quote: This is where I keep
Finish the quote: We played a couple of harmless tricks on her and she
Finish the quote: The day I say I do is the day I ship
Finish the quote: I am telling you guys,
What did the girls replace Meredith's mosquito repellent with?
What did Chessy have ready when Annie and Nick arrived home?
Finish the quote: Right over a cliff you will help me.
Finish the quote: Don't think I can't see right past

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