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Which country has the oldest flag still in use?
What is the most commonly used flag?
Which country has the oldest tricolor?
What is the only flag in the world with just one color
What flag contains twelve colours?
What flag is the only who have human beings depicted?
What 2 colours make up Nigeria's flag?
Which African flag features an AK-47?
How many stars are on the Democratic Republic of Congo's (formerly Zaire) flag?
What constellation is on the Australian flag?
What is the only national flag which is non-rectangular?
What is the only flag which may be hoisted upside-down when its Congress has declared a 'state of war'
What flag is similar to the flag of Monaco?
What flag is similar to the flag of Chad?
Which 2 countries have flags which are exact squares?
Which 2 countries have flags which depict the shape of the country that it represents?
What is the scholarly study of flags?
How many stars are there on the flag of Uzbekistan?
What is the only country in Africa to have a tree appear on its flag?
Bhutan's flag is comprised of yellow and orange diagonal halves, with a black and white what in the centre?

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